Representing Agent: Craig Latto
Roles: Expert, Presenter
Kate Malone has studios in London and France and has become one of Britain’s most well known and generous of ceramic artists. She can be seen as a judge on BBC2’s hugely popular series The Great Pottery Throwdown. Her work is often inspired by exotic travels, the growth patterns and ripeness of nature. Using strong colours and sumptuous crystalline glazes, her work communicates a feel good factor through optimistic cladding of her forms with abundant sculptural details.

Her work appeals to collectors of all ages and with widely ranging personal interests and is represented in major public collections.

Working with ceramics in three areas;
Hand-making studio ceramics
Researching high fired glazes, largest studio archive in UK. One of the largest artist studio kilns in the UK.
Public and commercial art for civic and private interiors and exteriors.

Principal Art Dealer Adrian Sassoon.
Director Balls Pond Studio Limited.

Work in major important private collections and in 40 public collections worldwide including the V and A museum, LACMA USA, Sevres Museum France, The British Council Collection and some 20 museums.

Exhibitions:. Touring show of UK, solo shows in Robillant &Voena (Dover Sterrt, London). Canary Wharf ( London) , various mixed shows in USA, Japan, India, Europe.

Large scale commissions for hospitals, parks, schools, libraries and private buildings. Most recently the John Hopkins Hospital Baltimore USA, Royal Jubilee Library Brighton, American Express New Offices Brighton. Completed 2015 full 1000 meter square ceramic crystalline façade of architects EPR designed building on the corner of Savile Row and Conduit Street, Mayfair.

My objective is to place ceramics in the build environment- because I love it. I believe strongly in its integrity as a material and that it enhances a community on many levels physical and spiritual. Making a range of scale from egg cups to swimming pools and building facades, 30 years experience making increasingly large scale public projects in ceramics and bronze, has given me a realistic outlook as to possibilities, an awareness of the needs of an urban community and of a mixed audience. It is for this reason that I am very interested to look at re imagining Mayfair project.

Art dealer Sassoons statement..

Since the late 1980s when she graduated from the Royal College of Art, Kate Malone has made a huge impact on the British ceramics scene with her use of shapes inspired by all forms of nature and extraordinary glazes using bright vibrant colours, often with crystalline surfaces.?? Her work appeals to collectors of all ages with widely ranging personal interests and has entered collections across the globe.

Henbury Comprehensive.
Bristol Poly BA
Royal College of Art MA 1983-86