Representing Agent: Debi Allen
Height: 5'11
Hair Colour: Light / Mid Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Roles: Actor
Since 2005, Jeff has been messing about with Dan both on stage and screen. He has appeared on TV with the tall one on such shows as Blue Peter (BBC), Richard & Judy (C4) The Slammer (BBC) & Big Brother’s Little Brother (C4) amongst others, as well as residing in the ‘CBBC Office’ where he presented with Dan for all of 2009 and a little of 2010.

On stage Jeff has co-written and starred in Potted Pirates, Potted Panto, Potted Sherlock, and Potted Potter, with Dan. This has led to UK tours, critical acclaim, Olivier nominations for Potted Potter in 2012 and Potted Panto in 2011, and sell-out West End runs. Jeff thinks he did other work before he met Dan, but Dan says anything Jeff did without him doesn’t matter anymore. Potted Panto returned to the West End for December 2016 and early 2017 at the Garrick Theatre.

Reviews for 'Potted Potter':
“The duo casts the perfect spell over the audience.”
- The New York Time – Critics’ Picks
“Blissfully funny, a winner in every way.This show is a crowd-
- The London Guardian
“Cleverly appeals to both ardent fans and parents.”
- The London Times
“Even the purest of Potter fans would find it hard to object. My Potter experts loved it.”
- London Financial Times
“Gloriously irreverent. A very lovable romp through Rowling’s back catalogue.”
- Time Out London – Critics’ Choice
“The single funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. You’re gonna love this show.”
- Toronto Star
“You could do no better than to see Potted Potter.”
- Toronto Globe & Mail

Following the success of Potted Potter, Dan and Jeff returned to the 2014 Fringe with yet another Potted' instalment; Potted Sherlock. This new show is an enthralling 70 minute round up of 60 of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective stories.

Praise for Potted Sherlock...

Featured in ATG's Ten Things To See at Edinburgh

“Fans of Dan and Jeff’s previous Fringe shows… will know that the duo is indeed armed with a sharp wit and ability to approach things from an unexpected angle – so Potted Sherlock is in safe hands.” - THE LIST *****

“...they do succeed amazingly well at creating a performance that is hilarious and accessible for all.” THREE WEEKS *****

“Dan, Jeff and the new member of the team work their proverbial socks off and are buzzing around the stage (sometime quite literally) for the whole time, this is a trio that tantalises and delight’s the audience both young and old into bouts of belly laughs…” THE PUBLIC REVIEWS ****

“Potted Sherlock is a fast paced, energetic and thoroughly entertaining display…A tremendous performance, I can’t wait to see what they do next year.” ONE 4 REVIEW ****

"All three performers have a genial, warm way about them and the whole thing has an enduring energy." - THE STAGE ****

"...a cracking show for kids and grown-ups alike." - BROADWAY BABY ****

"This is great family entertainment." - BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE ****

“…possibly the most ambitious undertaking from Dan and Jeff, the duo behind the smash hit ‘Potted Potter’, but they in no way disappoint.” EDINBURGH SPOTLIGHT ****
POTTED SHERLOCK Various (Co-Writer/Performer) Hannah Berrigan Seabright Productions/Pleasance Theatre

POTTED PANTO Various Richard Hurst Vaudeville Theatre

POTTED POTTER - LITTLE SCHUBERT THEATRE NYC Various Richard Hurst Seabright Productions

POTTED POTTER - WEST END 2013 Various Richard Hurst Seabright Productions

POTTED POTTER - CHICAGO Various Richard Hurst Seabright Productions

POTTED POTTER - NYC Various Richard Hurst Seabright Productions

POTTED POTTER - TORONTO Various Richard Hurst Seabright Productions

POTTED PANTO Various Richard Hurst Potted Productions

POTTED PIRATES Various Richard Hurst Potted Productions/Tour

POTTED POTTER Various Richard Hurst Potted Productions

ITS YOUR CHOICE Chris/Alfie Moon Chris Blackwood Cragrats

IT'S YOUR FUTURE Marcus/Ken Barlow Chris Blackwood Cragrats

UPPER CLASS MOTORS Adagio Graham Fielder New Stage Travellers

GOLDILOCKS Dame Ma Malade Ian Rolfe Whitgar